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How to Volunteer

We have two types of volunteer opportunities at Santa’s Workshop: Board Member and General Volunteers. Both play a crucial role in our mission. Feel free to explore both opportunities below and apply to any position you might be interested in!

2024-2025 Board Year
For the 2024-2025 board year we have added two additional positions: Inventory Assistant and Vice President of Community Outreach. **We are still looking for a Parliamentarian & VP of Community Outreach.

  • Inventory Assistance is responsible for working with our Inventory Manager to evaluate and track toy donations, work with our purchase manager to ensure there are no gaps in toy categories and organize the inventory space as necessary.

  • ​Vice President of Community Outreach will work alongside our president to expand our presence in the Colorado Springs community throughout the year through grant writing and finding local organizations to further support our mission.

To inquire about serving on the MPSW board please complete this form and email to:

To inquire about general volunteer
opportunities please complete this form and email to:

Intricate Snowflake

Support Elf

Help when the board members need some backup.


Shopping Elf

Help soldiers shop for toys in our warehouse during shopping week.

Helping Hand Badge

Board Volunteer

If you are interested in filling a board position please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

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