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Application FAQS

What Documents Are Needed to Apply?

In order to apply you will need a copy of the most recent LES/ SRB and DD 1172-2 also known as the DEERS Verification Form 

Where do I find the DD 1172-2?

The DD 1172-2 Form can be found online on MilConnect ( The service member will need to use their CAC card to view or you can obtain it by going to the DEERS office but you must have POA.

What if I do not have POA and my spouse is overseas/ away for Training?

Contact your S1, Commander or Rear Detachment Commander

Myself/ My Spouse is out of the army. can we still apply?

Unfortunately, our program is for active duty army families stationed at Fort Carson.

Do I have to fill out the entire application?

Yes! Most importantly please do not skip over the financial need section. If this section is left blank or responded with "none" or "n/a" it will result in an automatic denial.

I am having issues with the application? Can somebody please walk me through it?

Please email us so we can set up a phone call or an appointment! Our address is: 5769 Wallace St Building 1045 Fort Carson, CO. If you are unable to attend office hours please email us at

I submitted my application, what happens next?

You will receive a response in 5-10 business days!

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