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Shopping Week Applications

In order to participate in our program; you must go through our application process. This process is 100% confidential! If your  application is accepted you will be able to participate in our shopping week; this is the time when you are able to select toys, books and games for your family. 

2023 MPSW Application will be available September 1st 2023 till November 15th 2023! Click on the link below to apply!

Please note: In order to apply you will need a current LES or SRB and DD 1172-2LES can be found by logging into MyPAyDD 1172-2 (DEERS FORM) can be found by: 1) The service member utilizing his/her CAC card online at 2) The service member or spouse can visit the DEERS office on post (note: if the spouse visits the DEERS office without the service member, the spouse must have a Power of Attorney)3) By contacting the service member’s S1, Commander, or Rear Detachment Commander if service member is at NTC or deployed.

For application support please contact

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